Businesswoman assassinated in Dimapur

Businesswoman assassinated in Dimapur

A businesswoman in Dimapur was killed in a very bold fashion on December 14th. The victim, Ritika Mehta (47 years), owner of Apna Hotel located at Nyamo Lotha Road, was at the hotel when she was shot point blank by unidentified gunmen at around 6:20 pm.

She later succumbed to her injury caused by a single bullet wound that entered through her jaw and exited from the neck.

According to the police, the victim had reportedly requested the PSO not to carry any weapon and to wear civilian clothing within the hotel premises. "Immediately after the incident, the staffs and the bodyguard rushed out to chase the miscreants but lost them among the crowd," the PRO of the Dimapur police stated. Her personal security officer was in civvies and unarmed.

A month ago, on November 13th, the victim survived an assassination attempt after which armed police security was detailed for her protection.

The police recovered one empty shell of .32 calibre and "other crucial evidences" from the site. Without disclosing the motive behind the assassination, the PRO stated, "Investigation is on keeping all options open."

The PRO further stated that enquiry is on to find out if there were any lapses on the part of the bodyguard. The case was registered at East Police Station.


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