Boost on power front:Sangma opens Mendipathar Ganol Project

Boost on power front:Sangma opens Mendipathar Ganol Project
SHILLONG: Meghalaya gets no less boost on its power front. Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma opened the 132/33, 2×20 MVA Substation at Mendipathar in North Garo Hills on Tuesday.
In his address, Dr Sangma said that a long cherished dream has come true in the entire huge area in the time of Christmas.
He said that the project is a comprehensive effort of all concerned and an offshoot of the design of the Government to address the issues of backwardness and poverty and respond to the needs of the people as per the demands of time.
"Any investment in the power sector requires huge investment and we have taken measures to actually invest in this important, crucial sector of development which is the foundation for prospective growth and prosperity of our people", he said.
He recalled the time when the proposed railway line to Depa had to be given up due to certain fears and doubts of the people, how the people of North Garo Hills were asked to think of an alternative line to bring such an important infrastructure to the region which resulted in Mendipathar having the only railhead in Garo Hills.
Sangma also said that the Industrial Growth Centre in the region which was conceptualized a long time ago could now become a reality as the prerequisites for industrialization – Railways and Power – are now available. He also spelt out a number of initiatives and programmes rolled out by the Government, for all of which power is a prerequisite.
Regarding the long talked about Transmission Line from Agia to Nongalbibra, he said Rs. 43 crore was invested for the project, because without it the Mendipathar substation would not have been possible.
Recalling the frequent power failures in Garo Hills because of the fault somewhere in the transmission line from Mawlai to Nongalbibra he said that this transmission line was so over-aged that it could no longer respond to the demands of time, but it could not be renovated because there was no alternative line.
"But today because of the investment that we have made gives us the luxury of having options and we will only improve the overall power scenario", he added.
North Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, S.C Sadhu, Director, Transmission, E. Slong and Chief Engineer Transmission, E.W. Nongrum were among others who also spoke on the occasion, while the Superintending Engineer, Byrnihat T&T Circle, R.Syiem gave a brief highlight about the project and the benefits thereof.

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