Book titled ‘Narendra Modi and Naga Peace Accord’ released by Nuklutoshi

Book titled ‘Narendra Modi and Naga Peace Accord’ released by Nuklutoshi

KOHIMA: Minister for National Highway, Nagaland, Nuklutoshi today released a book titled "Narendra Modi and Naga Peace Accord" at Hotel Japfu, Kohima, written by Oken Jeet Sandham, a senior Journalist from Nagaland.

Congratulating Oken Jeet Sandham for coming up with such a book on Naga Political issues, he said that only a bold author could write the truth on the Naga political issues, opening a way for society to understand the Naga political issues more deeply.

Nuklutoshi said it pains his heart seeing the conditions of the Naga people today.

He urged the Nagas to come together for a final solution and to maintain a slogan 'unity for solution'.

He said, "Unity is one element we Nagas are lacking today and consequently failures come as an output".

He said a whole section of Naga people are not consulted due to which so many signed accords often resulted in failures

Nuklutoshi said the 16-Point Agreement with such kind of draft was good enough for the Naga people, but the people lacked unity and don't want to accept the agreement.

He continued that if the Nagas don't unite today than they would soon face a very tough generation and there would be another Shillong Accord or another 16-Point Agreement leading to another repetition of the past history.

Nuklutoshi said, "We have more than 56,000 educated unemployed youths today and by the year 2020, the figure will rise to 5 lakhs and so we need to be very serious in taking up this issue."

He added that there are no industrialists who want to invest in Nagaland because of problems and "unless we come up with better industries, we can never solve these educated unemployed problems."

The Minister asked the Nagas to learn to love each other without hypocrisy because Nagaland as a Christian State and Nagas being Christians should love each other as written in the Bible.

Author Oken Jeet said that it was a momentous day for his life. He said he joined the profession in the year 1987 and the idea to write a book on Naga political issues was inspired by his own dream.

He said, "We have been reading a number of books written on the Naga political issue by various writers from outside.

"I question myself as to why we could not write on our Naga political issues which is as old as Indian independence."

He said that the Naga Political issues literally started since our Naga leaders submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in the year 1929 and the most important declaration of Naga independence on 14th August 1947, a day ahead of the Indian Independence.

He tried to present this book in a very balanced way taking into consideration of the sensitivity of the political conditions. He said that he felt he had partly fulfilled his dream of writing on the Naga political issue. He hopes that this book will provide some kind of input to those who are currently trying to find solution to our current Naga political issues.

President, Kohima Press Club (KPC), Xavier Rutsa said that he had known Oken Jeet Sandham a couple of decades back while working with the press fraternity. He regarded Oken Jeet as a source of inspiration especially among the media friends and urged the media to take him as a role model for the profession.

Xavier stated that being a journalist, Oken Jeet had written the book and so he encouraged specially the young media friends to start writing books. He asked the media persons to give good services to the society because journalists can contribute a lot to the society in many aspects.

Apart from his speech, Xavier informed that the Kohima Press Club will be going for picnic on December 16 and requested all the members to be present at the picnic.

The program was chaired by Rita Krocha, Journalist and writer and Rev. Dr. L Tsanso, e-Evangelist (SEA) evoked God's blessing for the program.


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