Book based on the Naga peace accord: ‘A way forward’ launched

Book based on the Naga peace accord: ‘A way forward’ launched

'A Way Forward—the idea of a peace accord between India and the Nagas' a  book written by senior journalist and founding Editor of The Morung Express, Along Longkumer, based on the Indo-Naga peace process which focus on the proposed of the 'Naga Peace Accord' was released on December 18th  by three leading Naga personalities, Rev. Dr. Tuisem Shishak, Niketu Iralu and Rev. Dr. Wati Aier.
In a simple yet innovative way, the book launch was held without any kind of formal programme with the three personalities presented the book in different places. Dr. Lanusangla Tzudir of Heritage Publishing House handed copies of the book to the three.
Describing Rev. Dr. Tuisem Shishak, Niketu Iralu and Rev. Dr. Wati Aier as the triumphant three of our times, the author expressed his admiration for their contribution towards the Nagas and for being role-models, especially for the upcoming generation. "It is only fitting therefore that the three of them who continue to inspire us all should release this book of mine", stated the author in the press release.

The book, according to Along Longkumer, is an attempt to understand some of the important questions in the peace process between India and the Nagas. How to resolve these have been suggested with possible formulations including on the two core issues of sovereignty and integration. The book explores the idea of a quasi-sovereign status for the Nagas, relation with India to be in the nature of an associate state on the lines of the United States and Puerto Rico.

On the complex issue of integration, the author explores the idea of the cross-border arrangement to bring together the Naga inhabited areas. In this regard the author puts forth the idea to "create a compact zone of peace, development and economic cooperation across the entire Naga-inhabited areas."

The book also suggests that Article 244A of the Indian constitution has been tailor made to address the complexity of Naga integration and this provision should be explored as a possible way forward pending the redrawing of State boundaries.
According to the book, "a reformed and unified NNC can be that meeting point for all Nagas, including the warring groups to reconcile and come together in some form". In return for accepting the NNC as the apex institution representing the Naga people, the executive powers or national government should be vested in the Government of the People's Republic of Nagaland or GPRN, states the book. A provoking suggestion put forward by the author is to remodel the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR)  within the proposed Pan-Naga structure that is expected to take shape. Further, the ideas of shared Sovereignty, Special Federal relationship, Pan-Naga body etc, have been discussed along with few suggestions or formulations.
The author has explained that the core philosophy of the book is "simply to light up the thoughts of readers and point the way forward".

"The thinking behind the formulations presented in the book is to be moderate, to find a balance and chart out a middle-path", stated Along Longkumer while adding his own belief that "resolutions can come about if we can find more meeting-points".
Copies of the book would initially be on sale at Signet Book Shop, near Notun Bosti Junction, Dimapur and Starmart, Jail Colony Kohima.


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