BJP’s policies is an act of ‘Cultural Terrorism’, says CPI GS Sudhakar Reddy

BJP’s policies is an act of ‘Cultural Terrorism’, says CPI GS Sudhakar Reddy


SHILLONG: Questioning the ideologies of the Modi-led NDA government, General Secretary of Communist Party of India (central body), Sudhakar Reddy today termed their policies as 'Cultural Terrorism'.

Referring to the spate of attacks on churches all over the country during these past few months and the headliner, ban on beef, Reddy said, "This religious divide is initiated by the BJP through the RSS and it should be stopped as it contradicts with the constitutional rights of the people."

Commenting on the recent 'Beef Party' organised by a local social organisation during the visit of BJP President Amit Shah, Reddy said "The government cannot interfere with the food habits of the people and this sort of move will definitely spark protests from the minority groups."

The decision of the government to ban several novels and fictions published 20-30 years ago is a direct attack on the right to freedom of speech and expression, Reddy said adding, "They cannot take away the rights to express oneself as it is the constitutional right of every citizen of the country."

"We will fight against these policies and we will try to mobilise the people to stand against such atrocities," Reddy said adding that CPI is trying to rejuvenate the party here in the state to enable the part workers to identify the problems and suggest solutions to them.

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