Assam’s international Boxer Jamuna Boro is fighting her way to qualify for 2020 Olympics 

Assam’s international Boxer Jamuna Boro is fighting her way to qualify for 2020 Olympics 

Guwahati, 29, 2017: The popular adage, "Where there is a will, there is a way" is one we have all heard about and seen implemented.  The story of Jamuna Boro from Assam is one that is sure to leave you inspired and motivate you to pursue her dreams.

Hailing from a small village known as Belsiri village of Sonitpur district in Assam, Jamuna's mother Kruplebo Bodo is a vegetable vendor who has two daughters and a son and who lost her husband a few years ago. But this was never a hindrance for her youngest, 19-yr-old daughter Jamuna who is now an international boxer today. She has won numerous medals for India in various international tournaments.

She has made a mark in the women's boxing by winning gold in 2013 Second Nations Cup International Sub-Junior Girls Boxing Tournament held in Serbia. Thereafter, Jamuna became a Gold medallist in a competition held in Russia in 2014.

She also won a bronze medal in the 57kg category while playing for India in Youth World Boxing Championships in Taipei in 2015. Jamuna initially had to play Wushu (Chinese martial arts) in the village but later started training for boxing.

In a conversation with a leading news website, she said, "I was only 10 years old when my father died. Since then my mother has brought us all up. In the village, some older boys used to play Wushu. And this really inspired me to take up the sport. "

After a few days, Jamuna won gold medal in district level Wushu match.

However Jamuna rued, "There was no special facility for training in the village. Therefore, Joseshmeek Nargari and Honok Bodo Sir, who were my first Wushu coaches, gave me an opportunity in 2009 to train with Sports Authority of India Sports Authority of India. From there, I started training in boxing. "

Jamuna won the gold medal for the first time in a 52 kg category in the first sub-junior women's national boxing championship held in Erode, Tamil Nadu in 2010.

After that, in the second Sub-Junior Women's National Boxing Championship held in 2011 in Coimbatore, she became the Champion with another Gold Medal.

However, despite the fact that Jamuna has made her hometown as well as her nation proud, the circumstances in her house still remains unchanged and sees no signs of improvement. Her mother continues selling vegetables as usual, working hard every single day to ensure that her children do not face the brunt of poverty.

Sadly, Jamuna's entire family resides in a temporary, makeshift residence in front of the Belsiri railway station. However, all these hardships and difficult times have made Jamuna a strong giel due to which she respects and looks up to her mother more than ever before. Jamuna considers her mom to be her idol.

She dream of qualifying in the Olympic Games one day and looks up to Maro Kom as her inspiration. She says, "Despite being the mother of three children, Mary Kom's punch is very powerful even today and there is speed of force in her game. If she can work so hard then why can't I?"

Jamuna says, "I often train with the boys in the academy and during the fight, my goal is to defeat the opponent. It does not matter whether my opponent is a boy when I am in the ring".

Jamuna's next target is to qualify in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the year 2020. She wants to make India proud by winning medals for her nation. But will the nation uphold young Jamuna's aspirations? This is still a question that is left unanswered as the plight of many International level athletes is pathetic even after winning laurels for the nation.

Translated by TNT desk from BBC News Hindi

Image Courtesy: BBC News Hindi

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