Assamese origin journalist wins Pulitzer prize

Assamese origin journalist wins Pulitzer prize

American woman journalist Sanghamitra Kalita, 30 won the Pulitzer prize for her outstanding work in journalism. She is the Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Times and was part of the team that broke the story of the San Bernardino shooting that occurred in the US last December. Kalita was born in Brooklyn to Assamese parents.

Born to Mahesh Kalita and Nirmala Kalita – her mother was brought up in the Santipur area of Guwahati. Sanghamitra's paternal family had settled down in Sadiya, a place of which she remembers fondly.

Before working at the Los Angeles Times, she was the Executive Editor of Quartz. Sanghamitra has also briefly lived in India and founded the business newspaper Mint in the country.

Sanghamitra received her Master's degree from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

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