Assam: Two NDFB (S) militants arrested in Kokrajhar district

Assam: Two NDFB (S) militants arrested in Kokrajhar district

ASSAM: As per reports given, in a joint operation conducted by the Indian Army and the Assam police in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts of Assam,   two NDFB(S) were apprehended.

It was said that the operation was launched in the thick, un-hospitable jungles of Kakulong in Chirang districts and found out a camp site being used by the NDFB (S).

However, there were no traces of militants belonging to the outfit in the area but a large number of items were recovered, indicating presence of terrorists not too long ago.

In the raid, a rifle and some gun powder, clothes, sling shots, utensils and rations were recovered.

In Kokrajhar, the apprehended terrorist was identified as Janak Brahma, in possession of a Pistol and some ammunition.

In Chirang, a terrorist identified as Sobhaigo Mushahary was apprehended. He had been in close contact with top NDFB(S) leaders and was providing them crucial logistics support and early warning of troops' movement. Both these terrorists were involved in extortion activities and other subversive activities.


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