Assam to benefit from land swap deal- State govt.

Assam to benefit from land swap deal- State govt.
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GUWAHATI: Following the ​Centre's clearance on ​the controversial Constitutional Amendment ​B​ill to ratify the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh ​th​at includes exchange of ​disputed ​territories in Assam, the state government​ ​​reiterated its stand and said that state would benefit from the land swap deal.

The Bill is likely to come up in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday and ​is ​​expected to ​resolve ​the pending dispute over adverse possession of territories by both countries. The two countries will maintain status quo and continue to have possession of the territories in each other's adverse possession.

The agreement would also ​felicitate for demarcation and fencing of 6.1 km demarcated and open border in Assam​ along with Tripura and West Bengal.

​​​Additional chief secretary of revenue and disaster management SC Das said, "714 acres of land in Lathitila-Dumabari sector in Karimganj district in Assam has been in India's possession on paper only. This land not handed over to India formally by Bangladesh but once the LBA is ratified this area will now be in physical possession of India. There is no human habitation in this area. This is a gain for us because in reference to the Radcliffe Line, which specifies the Indo-Bangladesh border, this area falls outside the Radcliffe Line on Bangladesh side. We had claimed for 90 acres in Dumabari, which was also outside the Radcliffe Line, but this portion was denied and since this part was already on Bangladesh side, we don't consider it as our loss."

In reference to Pallathal in Karimganj district and Kalabari (Boroibari) in Dhubri district, Das said that these areas are at present in adverse possession of Bangladesh and as per the Protocol of 2011, status quo will be maintained and Bangladesh will keep possession of these areas.

"As a result of the Protocol, about three km stretch of land at Lathitila-Dumabari sector will be demarcated and the border fence can be erected. "This would seal the border preventing illegal migration, movements of terrorists and smugglers," Das said. India has no adverse possession of Bangladeshi territories in Assam.

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi has been opposing centre's decision to delink Assam from the land sap pact with Bangladesh a few weeks back. On Saturday, Gogoi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging for inclusion of the clauses pertaining to the state in the Protocol of 2011 to the LBA. On Monday the top national leadership of BJP met in New Delhi and decided to retract from its weeks-long decision to delink Assam from the LBA.

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