Assam surge of ‘bandhs’ cost state heavily

Assam surge of ‘bandhs’ cost state heavily

GUWAHATI: Assam has one of the highest rate of 'bandhs' and general strikes being called in the State, the spate is so high that the State has lost nearly 3000 crore last year due to bandhs, strikes and protests. This startling revelation was made in an petition submitted by the Assam Government at the Guwahati High court in response of a Public Interest litigation (PIL) filed against the 'bandh culture' in the State.

In 2012, Arun Pathak, had filed a PIL against the relentless bandhs being called in Assam. The Guwahati high court is hearing the matter this week.

In its petition the State government had claimed that in 2014, Assam witnessed 68 bandh calls of which nine were state-wide bandh, 32 were district level and 29 other bandhs were regional bandhs.

According to government estimates in a 12 hour bandh, the government loses 43 Crore 28 lakhs of revenue. The total loss in the year is close to 2943 crores and 25 lakhs. The worst affected is the Agriculture department which has lost 2 Crore 94 lakhs.

Among the districts , Nagaon in central Assam is the most affected . The district has seen 38 bandhs with a total loss of 170 crores of revenue.

The State government had further informed the HC that would put a ban on the 'bandh culture' in the state, but the bills has not been passed by the State legislative assembly yet. The State government Counsel further assured the HC that the State government will take steps to introduce the bills in the next session for the state legislative assembly.

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