Assam: RSS to keep watchful eye on couples indulging in intimacy at Madan Kamdev

Assam: RSS to keep watchful eye on couples indulging in intimacy at Madan Kamdev

GUWAHATI, June 5, 2018: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bajrang Dal will now keep a watchful eye on couples, track them down and hand them over to police if they are "caught" indulging in intimacy at the Madan Kamdev – an archeological site known as "Assam's Khajuraho".

Located an hour's drive to the north of Guwahati, Madan Kamdev, with its poetic rendition of explicit Hindu erotica sculptured on rocks, is now facing an ironic dilemma: lovelorn couples flex their intimate escapades amid the sprawling sylvan surroundings, much to the ire of the temple authority and the RSS and Bajrang Dal.

The Madan Kamdev Devalaya Management Committee said young people should be accompanied by guardians, parents or school or college authorities and college students visiting the place must be in uniform, accompanied by their guardians or professors.

Nanda Barua, the secretary of MKDMC, who has also been a Sangh member from the late seventies, explained their moral policing stand: "It is the freedom at the disposition of women granted in the 'modern' times that is to blame for blatant display of affection in public."

"The young generation has no respect for the sanctity of the place. The temple has been defiled by young men and women engaging in 'shameful work'. If the Bajrang Dal members catch couples, they hand them over to the police. I feel it is the freedom that is granted to women nowadays that is fuelling the situation," Barua said, typically targetting women.

Chief priest Haren Sarma said, "Values are getting eroded and parents must teach boys and girls not to cross the limit."

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Image Courtesy: The Telegraph (Gaurav Das)

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