Assam: Rhino poaching earns huge capital for Dimapur in Nagaland!

Assam: Rhino poaching earns huge capital for Dimapur in Nagaland!

Northeast India is blessed with a very unique and diverse flora  and fauna. The one horned Indian Rhinoceros which is considered to be  the third largest animal in the world is found in the hills of North-east .  The  uniqueness  of this species  has definitely  increased the beauty, power and exclusivity  of the wildlife in Northeast .  Two-third of it's  entire  population is found in Assam and is declared as the state animal of Assam.  It is  the pride of not only the state but the country as well.

The Indian rhinos also known as the great one-horned rhinoceros are famous for their horns.  Their horns are the symbol of their strength and power.  Unfortunately ,their power has turned out to be their weakness . The Indian rhinos are in great demand because their horns along with their skin and nails are  made of fibrous keratin which is said to be useful in curing many diseases, specially cancer.  The medicinal value of their horns have very successfully attracted poachers who kill them and sell their horns in the black market to those who buy it for various ornamental or  traditional as well as  medicinal purposes, especially countries like Vietnam .

The Assam Government has been confronting   the problem  of illegal poaching and killing of rhinos since many years.  Many  effective  measures  have been taken by the state government to bring an end to this issue  but it seems that these preservation measures are not sufficient enough as there has been a hike in the killing and poaching of rhinos. In 2016, around 69 poachers were arrested in the Kaziranga National Park .

In a recent interview as per this English Daily,  Diben Borah ,OC of Jakhalabandha Police Station, has said that the horn market in Dimapur has  earned about 80 lakh rupees by trading rhino horns.  The shooters along with the helpers are heavily paid. The helpers get paid about 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees whereas the shooters get double  the amount of it. The poachers usually come in a group of 6 to 7 and are mostly from other states such as Nagaland and Manipur.  Most of the time they slip into the areas of Burapahar  through  the highway and other times through the Karbi Hills. They are then taken to a foxhole by the helpers.  The poachers use weapons for hunting and the weapons that they usually use are AK-47.The increase in the killing of rhinos are leading their  extinction.

It may be mentioned that The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge paid a visit at Kaziranga in Assam recently but to no avail as there has been no decline in the number of rhino poaching even after their visit.

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