Assam: No division in APHLC, clarifies Kathar; hits out at Terang for anti-party activities

Assam: No division in APHLC, clarifies Kathar; hits out at Terang for anti-party activities

DIPHU | Nov 12:

A day after the general secretary of All Party Hill Leaders Conference (APHLC), Jona Terang announced the splitting of the political party while training his guns at party president, J.I Kathar, the party spokesperson Angtong Ingti Kathar on Tuesday said that there is no such division in APHLC and the party is functioning normally.

He asserted that the party is still and the only members who are out of the party are Jona Terang and Hemari Rongpi.

Clarifying about the various allegations leveled against the party president, vice president Rajesh Tisso and some other members of the party, the spokesperson Kathar said, "Terang has blamed party president JI Kathar of creating groupism within the party, but it was he (Terang) who divided the party."

The allegation that Kathar had asked for resignation letter from Terang is also untrue, said the spokesperson.

Kathar also said, "Party had decided to open a joint account for party's fund, but Terang was reluctant to cooperate with our president. Due to his delay, it took four months to open the joint account. Terang had said that the party is not going by its principles. There may be mistakes sometimes, but it should be resolved amicable within the party. If Terang cannot resolve the small mistakes and refuses to accept the decision of the party then it's up to him to leave the party."

Meanwhile, Terang had also blamed JI Kathar of breaking the rules of the 6th schedule.

"How can JI Kathar do it when he is not an elected member. It is wrong to blame the party president. The party does not want division as it is not a good development for the party and for that reason, it had given sufficient time for Terang to sort out all differences internally, but he is avoiding the president and rest of party members," Kathar said.

" Terang had skipped the meeting at Manja on November 7. He avoided party vice president Rajesh Tisso and went to the extent of telling other members that he would attack Tisso in the meeting itself. Terang also targeted legal cell, secretary, Semson Teron,"Kathar alleged.


Kathar said that the General Secretary, Jona Terang and member Hemari Rongpi leaving APHLC will not hamper the party.

"We have not removed them, but they left the party. The party will continue to work for the protection of the rights of indigenous people without Jona Terang and Hemari Rongpi," he added

When asked about allegation of taking money from some other parties during MP elections as alleged by Jona Terang, the party president, JI Kathar refuted the allegations saying "I have not taken money from any political party. If I had taken money then Jona should be able to mentioned the person from whom I have taken the money."

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