Assam: Missing boy reportedly seen begging in Bangladesh in viral video raises eyebrows

Assam: Missing boy reportedly seen begging in Bangladesh in viral video raises eyebrows

GUWAHATI | December 3, 2018

In what may be termed as a heart wrenching incident, a video of a blind boy who went missing for more than six months from his family has been identified in a video which went viral on social media platforms.

The same was reported by a Northeast based news website called Time8.

When TNT- The Northeast Today got in touch with Time8 for confirmation of report, the same was confirmed with enough evidence as well as videos.

The family, after months of searching for the minor boy identified him in a video where he was seen singing and begging in a railway platform in Bangladesh.

According to the report the boy has been identified as Abbas Ali, who hails from Kacharipara Gaon.

He reportedly went missing in the month of June in 2016 from his grandmother's verandah. Abbas's family had then registered a missing report at Kharupetia Police Station but all efforts to trace him went in vain.

Few days back, the local boys had shown the viral video of Abbas singing in the train to his father and his father broke into tears.

"It was written Bangladesh Railway on the exterior body of the train. We wonder how our little Abbas reached the neighboring country…who took him there…he must have been trafficked. We are extremely worried about his safety and happy at the same time knowing that he is alive," said the locals as per a Time8 report.

"We want our child back. We have approached the police. He can't see and he is begging in railway stations and trains to survive. He is just 12-year-old," said the family members.

It will be left to see now whether the Bangladesh government will provide assistance for safety and well being of the child until he is brought back to his home. The incident has also raised several eyebrows pertaining to the fact as to how did a visually impaired child cross the international border? And, if he was abducted then who is/are behind the act?


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