Assam: Meet Jordan and Richard, the sibling duo captivating Guwahati’s Music Scenario!

Assam: Meet Jordan and Richard, the sibling duo captivating Guwahati’s Music Scenario!

Hailing from Guwahati, Jordan and Richard have become a recurrent name among the Music Scenario of the region. The duo has received an overwhelming response after performing their first gig together at Acoustic Heroes 2016. The band's style of music is that of Country/pop and  their covers on You Tube  and social medias have received positive feedback and it is a reminiscent of Classic Rock, especially the song 'Dancing on my own-Robyn' is just an alluring track and feeding good to the listeners ears .

Here is Jordan with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT: Hello guys! What was the story behind the creation of your band?

J&R: We have been working with various bands for the last few years. A lot of people have encouraged us to form a band or a duo as brothers. We have done a few gigs together, but as a duo we came together for the first time at the Acoustic Heroes 2016. We haven't even named our duo yet, and we will do that soon. But we are here to stay.

TNT: How would you describe your sound? And what's the reason behind choosing this genre?

J&R: Our music is evolving. We have tried our hands at almost all types of genres of music, but now we feel comfortable with 'Country/Pop Rock' music. It is popular and at the same time it enables you to connect with the youth and as well as the elderly. We are influenced by artists and bands such as Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Lionel Richie, Vince Gill, Queen, Elton John and compositions by Sam Smith, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran have also helped us find our genre.

TNT: Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual?

Jordan: I'm the vocalist of a band called 'Voyage', based in Guwahati. Other members of the band are Junak Gogoi (Lead Guitarist), Tinkle Das (Drummer), ChinmoyTalukdar (Keyboard), SaptarishiMedhi(Bass Guitarist). I am also currently pursuing my BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) and I am in the last year.

Richard: I'm the keyboard player for 'Tyrrhenian'. Other members of the band are Sam Konjham (Vocalist), AmanGurung (Bassist), ArpeetGurung (Lead Guitarist), and Joy (Drummer). We do Progressive Metal music. In addition to gigs, we also often participate in events for social causes. I am currently in the first year of B.COM.

TNT: How important do you think is being 'commercial' for a band in todays rock/metal scene? Is commercialism is bad for a band? What's your take on that?

JORDAN: I'm into Country Rock music because I love it. However, we live in an era of technology which is transforming the music industry. People that matter judge you based on the number of hits and likes you get on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites. So you end up being a 'your own music' pusher. You have no choice but to be commercial. There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to stay on the ground. Too much of it can suck the creativity out of your music.

TNT: What's your take on northeast current rock music scene?

JORDAN: The North East keeps churning out a lot of Rock artists. It is heartening to note that Rock music is truly alive and kicking in the NE. A number of organizations are making dedicated efforts in this direction and they are bearing fruit. I must mention a few people I have heard in particular who are doing a yeoman service to progress of music in the NE. They are none other than Mr. Vikram Gogoi, Mr. Ritu Raj Boruah and Mr. David Koch.  My only issue is if the NE gets the deserving exposure in this field at the national level.

TNT: How was your experience playing at Acoustic Heroes?

JORDAN: Participating in Acoustic Heroes 2016 was very enriching. We got to meet artists from all over the NE and got to witness their work. We also got a wonderful panel of judges which included Mr. David Goldsmith, Mr. Veda V Sarma and Mr. Amitabh Boruah who are very supportive and knowledgeable. As a band or Duo, this was one event where we got appreciated for what we truly are.

TNT: So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

JORDAN: Jam sessions are very crucial to our performance. They also offer us the opportunity to play music with others and share our ideas with others. Purely as a musician, I would place jam sessions above gigging

TNT: Tell us about your upcoming gigs.

JORDAN: As we came together to form a duo only very recently just before the Programme  'Acoustic Heroes 2016', we have not officially been notified for a gig but we sure were promised gigs at Shanghai Salsa, Vivanta by Taj after we played at 'Acoustic Heroes 2016) and we are also looking forward to play at Urban Mantra. Though I Jordan have been playing at Urban Mantra with friends and musicians from my band 'Voyage' since a few months.

Jordan's first cover of Elvis Presley's Are You Lonesome Tonight

As interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT- The Northeast Today

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