Assam: Kidnapping on the rise in Assam- How safe are people?

Assam: Kidnapping on the rise in Assam- How safe are people?

GUWAHATI: In the first seven months of the BJP government, Assam has witnessed a spurt in kidnapping cases.

In comparison to an average of nine abduction cases registered daily between 2001 and May 2016, Assam Police have recorded 19 abduction cases daily on an average between June last year till January this year.

On Monday, parliamentary affairs minister Chandra Mohan Patowary informed the state secretariat, "Since 2001 to May 2016, some 46,461 kidnapping cases were registered in the state. But 4,101 abduction cases were registered in the last seven months."

The spurt in abduction cases, despite militancy being on the wane, has put police in a tight spot. Though abductions by militant groups have declined, a constant increase has been witnessed in abductions for ransom by criminal gangs, including former members of militant groups.

Sources said the actual number might be even higher as not all abductions were reported to police because of lack of confidence in the administration. In a recent case, a 15-month-old child was kidnapped from the city. Police have rescued the child and the kidnapper has been arrested.

Patowary added, "Since 2001 to May 2016, police have recorded at least 2.61 lakh cases. From June 2016 to January, some 18, 126 cases were registered in Assam."

The records, too, reflected the sharp rise in crime and decline in public security. During Congress's term, the average number of cases registered in the state every month was 1,450. But it has gone up to 2,589 on an average every month in the last seven months of the BJP government in the state.

"Cases of at least 827 cases of murder, 974 loots, 9141 thefts, 114 dacoties, 26 cases of killing by militants, 1,294 rapes, 17 suicides and 97 dowry deaths were registered in the state in last seven months," the records revealed. About 1535 others died in road accidents during the period too.
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