Assam: Hotel employees arrested for snooping and video taping lady in bathroom!

Assam: Hotel employees arrested for snooping and video taping lady in bathroom!

Sivasagar, July 3, 2017: In a disturbing development that demolishes the safety and privacy of hotel occupants, two Hotel Shiva Palace employees were nabbed including the manager, for interrogation on June 27 on charges of snooping plus attempting to videograph a lady occupant in her bathroom from the adjacent room of the hotel.

The employee of the hotel is identified as Mintu Nath hailing from Nemugari.

The lady is a professor working of a college in Guwahati stayed in Room No. 308 with her mother and other family members on the night of June 24. That day she noticed someone watching her secretly in the Bathroom from an open window above and video recording her.

She shouted and raised an alarm immediately informing to the hotel management, who however, tried to trivialise it by saying that no such thing was possible in the hotel and it was her illusion. The manager also refused to open the adjacent room from where the person was watching the lady, saying that the room was locked as the ocuupant were out at that time.

The professor and her family members left the hotel at around 11 pm that day and lodged an FIR (case No.432/17 U/s 354-C, 506, 468 & 34-IPC ) with Sivasagar Police. On inquiry,police found that the person from Tezpur who had occupied the adjacent room ( No. 310) in the hotel had actually left the room in the morning the same day( june 24) and hence it had to be some else – likely to be some hotel staff- snooping into the lady occupant's bathroom.

When the police checked the cctv footage of the hotel, it became clear that a hotel staff was the actual culprit, and the interrogation of the manager and a few staff members revealed the truth.

Shockingly, it was also discovered that the manager had manipulated the documents to show that the person from Tezpur was continuing in the room on that eventful night even though he had actually left in the morning.

The distressed professor said it was a serious case of breach of an unexpecting occupant by the hotel management, and a case of criminal conspiracy.

''It's shocking that a bathroom of a room in a hotel can be viewed from a nearby room. This is not a one-off incident. There has to be some participation of the hotel management and even the owner. Apparently , a sinister racket has been at work. This needs to be probed and the guilty must be punished.'' She said

Sivasagar Deputy Superintendent of police ( DSP) Prafulla Sonowal media person that the arrested employee was forwarded to Sivasagar jail and investigation onto the technical matters of the sensitive case was on. Police would take stern actions against anyone found guilty in this regard. The DSP assured

Source: voice of greater Assam

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