Assam : Girls face “Lipstick Ban” in college, which era are we heading to?

Assam : Girls face “Lipstick Ban” in college, which era are we heading to?

Morigaon : The girls were shocked when a notice banning the use of lipstick was issued  at Ghana Kanta Barua (GKB) College in Assam's Morigaon .Issued under the name of the students' union, the notice evoked sharp reactions.

 The union, however, rubbished the claims and blamed miscreants for distorting their notice and dragging them into a controversy. "We had issued a notice asking all students to attend college in uniform in order to ensure discipline. Without our knowledge, somebody altered the notice, saying that lipstick has been banned on campus," said Bikash Bora, general secretary of the students' union.

Education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, "A free and democratic environment must exist in every college of the state. Authorities should act if anyone tries to curtail the personal freedom of students on college campuses."

 A student said, "We were surprised at the notice. I don't know whether there was a distortion, but a lipstick ban is a dictatorial order." B K Das, president of Assam College Principals' Council, condemned the move, saying, "A college can prescribe uniform dress code for students. But dictating on cosmetics is ridiculous. In the name of discipline, rules intruding into the private life of students should not be framed." A college spokesperson confirmed that the authorities didn't hang the notice.
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