Assam: Elephant named after Osama Bin Laden kills 5 people in Bolatar

Assam: Elephant named after Osama Bin Laden kills 5 people in Bolatar

GUWAHATI | NOV 4, 2019:

An elephant named after Osama Bin Laden, the late al-Qaeda leader, attacked the Bolatar village in the north-eastern state of Assam earlier this week.

According to Agencies, in the past Laden had attacked a number of villages, killed people and destroyed paddy fields, recently, five people were trampled by Laden in Assam.

Forest officials launched a major operation to track and contain the large mammal. Drones and domesticated elephants were used to observe Laden from a safe distance.

Assam's forest minister said a committee including wildlife experts would decide what to do with the elephant.

Laden was spotted in the Kantaka Reserve on Thursday and was visible for once or twice and then it went inside the jungle. Presently the elephant is trying to stay near its own herd taking shelter at the same reserve.

Three forest teams were attempting to tranquillise the animal.

It was not the first time a killer elephant was named after he mastermind behind the 11 September attacks. Over the last six years, a tuskless bull named Osama killed at least 70 people in Assam.

The elephant's corpse was discovered in a field near a village last month and it was believed angry villagers had electrocuted it to death.

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