Assam Don Bosco University successfully concludes event for environmental awareness!

Assam Don Bosco University successfully concludes event for environmental awareness!

May 4, 2017: The final year students of Mass Communication, Assam Don Bosco University successfully organised a Media Exhibition as part of their E-Event in Don Bosco School Panbazar on the 2nd of May 2017.

Dr Basil Koikara, Registrar of Assam Don Bosco University,was the Chief guest of the event and Fr. Sebastian Mathew, The Principal of Don Bosco School, Panbazar Guwahati was the guest of honour.

The event marked the conclusion of the (Online) e-event celebrating "World Earth Day", an initiative to help the environment and make positive changes in the community around us.

The participants and followers have been from different countries like Thailand, Italy, Bolivia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and India.Shout Out To Green World the E-event turned out to be successful, because of these thousands of participants from all over the world.

The event garnered good international and national sponsors which includedNarivittayaSchool , Gift Airways ,Yamaha Music, Ajinomoto Engineering Corporation, etc from Thailand , Directorate of Sericulture & Weaving, Megtex, Shillong, and Fabric Plus from Guwahati. Our Media Partners were The Northeast today and Radio Salesian 90.8 from India and LoveIs Radio from Thailand.

The winners for the different competitions were as follows: For the Photography Competition, the most popular likes on Facebook was won byTamolwanSaelow, Best Photograph- Judge Based was Bob Evans Sawkmie. For Miniature Effects Creation- most popular likes in Facebook was Chonticha Saelow and Best Miniature Photograph was won by Aunshalee Wuymae. The winner for Best Short Film was Pixel Plus Pictures. The winner for Best Jingle was Purna Rai. The winner for Best PSA wasSurisaTiankaew , and the winners for T-Shirt Design for Most popular likes on Facebook was Chonticha Saelow and the Best T-shirt Design Judge Based was Akash Mizar.

"Our event has been dedicated to "Giving back to nature" and we are glad that in our own small but consistent way we have been able to keep this message alive" Says LabyntaRynjah a team member.

The Event has a Website, Facebook Page, You-tube Channel which have had a huge response and following.

A miniature –effect photography workshop and fundraising was also conducted in the course of the event. On the 22nd of April which was World Earth Day, 10 homes within the Sonapur area were visited and tree saplings provided by the Forest Department were planted"I hope and pray that all the participants will continue to spread the message of Giving back to Nature the tagline of shout out to green" world says UthompornSaelow, one of the organising team members.

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