Assam: Buffalo fight still held as part of Magh Bihu despite SC’s ban

Assam: Buffalo fight still held as part of Magh Bihu despite SC’s ban

Guwahati, January 15, 2018: Despite Supreme Court's ban in several places in Assam, the traditional buffalo fight was however still organised on Monday.

With Magh Bihu celebration underway, the buffalo fights are organised as a part of the age old tradition.

The Supreme Court in 2014 had passed an order prohibiting all animal competitions including races and fights, directing the Animal Welfare Board of India and the government to prevent infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering to animals.

In Assam's Ahatguri, thousands of people gathered to witness around least 30 pairs of buffalo fighting.

A state government official said that earlier registered committee used to organise the event. However after the Supreme Court ban, they refrained from doing it. "Now the fight is organised by the buffalo owners without any official permission from the district administration."

Ahatguri is known to be a popular place where huge tournaments of buffalo fights have been taking place since 1972. Buffalo owners argued, "This event is a part of tradition and we have been doing this for last several years."

Hayagriba Madhav temple at Hajo refrained from holding the traditional Bulbul (songbird) fight on the Magh Bihu day.

Ashwini Kumar Sarma, a member of Hayagriba Madhav management committee said," There is no fight here. Last year we approached the state government if we can continue with our traditional Bulbul fight, but we did not succeed."

Feature image courtesy: The Asian Age

Source: Economic Times

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