Assam boy brings laurels to state but endures immense difficulties to keep dream alive!

Assam boy brings laurels to state but endures immense difficulties to keep dream alive!

The Northeast region has a number of athletes who with very little help still manage to attain great heights. Although it is not uncommon for footballers to be able to make a name for themselves in the country, for athletes from other sports, it is still very difficult.

Monoj Leen Debnath is prime example of how difficult it is to make a name of himself. The arm wrestler from Assam who recently competed in Bulgaria talks about how help is hard to find. The son of an auto rickshaw driver and housewife, it has been a hard task for him to reach the heights he has.

The athlete from Dibrugarh first started arm-wrestling in 2013 during college week festivities and after winning the college level competition he decided that he actually wanted to pursue it as a career. He got in touch with another arm-wrestler from his home town Arup Rajkonwar who gave him the support he needed.

With hard work and dedication, Monoj was able to represent Assam in the National Games in 2015. From there he qualified for another Championship event in Malaysia. In his ever first world event, he managed to secure the 10th spot.

Monoj has travelled all over the world representing his state and country in multiple events but there is a lot of financial pressure on him as till date he is yet to receive aid from government agencies. In the recent World Championships in Bulgaria, he was very impressive and came in 6th but despite his fine performances, he has to rely on well-wishers from his town to support his dream.

Currently he is preparing for the Asian Championships which will be held in Kyrgyzstan in June and he is still trying to come up with the funds necessary. He has met government officials time and time again but the meetings are yet to prove fruitful. Monoj really wants to keep continuing to try to make a good career out of sports but as time goes by, he realises that there is no proper mechanism to help sportsmen like him move forward. He dreams of the day when he will be able to win gold for his country but with his financial situation he is dreading the day he will have to give up his passion.

(By Jessica Passah)


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