Assam becomes the first state to launch new TB drug

Assam becomes the first state to launch new TB drug

ASSAM: Assam has yet again put another feather in it's cap as it is set to become the first state in the country to launch a new TB drug which is being hailed as a 'miracle' drug. Bedaquiline is a new TB drug which has been launched after 40 years and will be used to treat Multiple Drug Resistant TB.
The drug was inaugurated on Monday at the LGB Chest Hospital and was administered to a drug resistant TB by Dr R Bhuyan of the Assam Health Services.

The drug will be given out to TB patients free of cost. At the inauguration, Dr Bhuyan appealed to the people to get themselves checked for the disease if they have been coughing relentlessly for 2 weeks, losing weight, have night sweats and have an unusual rise in body temperature in the evenings.

There are only six 'Drug Resistant TB Centres' in the country which have been chosen to initiate Bedaquiline treatment with Assam being one of them. The others include Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and New Delhi.

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