Assam: Absence of hydrological data from China causing Assam floods says Himanta

Assam: Absence of hydrological data from China causing Assam floods says Himanta

GUWAHATI, November 3: Assam Finance Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma alleged that his government sought intervention of central government regarding the report of Chinese involvement in blocking Brahmaputra water, which has been triggering flood situation in several parts of Assam in last few months.

He stated in few occasions there was no rain in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam but suddenly water level raised in Brahmaputra that submerged many towns of the state. The water level rose in Brahmaputra only if China blocked tributaries and suddenly released the water in their part though they denied the report.

"China used to share hydrological data as per the agreement signed with India in 2015 but about three months prior to Doklam they stopped sharing it, which is suspected to be a mischief on the part of China," he pointed out.

Referring to defence experts, Sarma said China might be doing trial of water bomb attack on India.

"We shall propose the centre to take up the issue at international forum," he said adding that sharing hydrological data of Bramhaputra river is mandatory as per the agreement between the two countries, during monsoon every year.

The data shared by upper riparian state, China, to lower riparian states, India and Bangladesh is essential every monsoon to allow anticipation of the flow of the water and take necessary measures to deal with flooding, he maintained.


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