Arunachal Pradesh: Pregnant woman in Aalo dies due to lack of facilities!

Arunachal Pradesh: Pregnant woman in Aalo dies due to lack of facilities!

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: A 25 years old pregnant woman died due to lack of facility in Aalo General hospital. She died on her way to general hospital, Pasighat, on October 20 last after she developed complications while in labour. The deceased, Late Jumi Lollen Doji, was admitted to General hospital, Aalo from where she was referred to Pasighat as the hospital lacked an anesthetist.

According to the husband Dagrik Doji, his wife was referred to general hospital Pasighat only during the eleventh hour.

"My wife could have been saved had the doctors acted responsibly. They did not let us know about the complicacy beforehand. She was already pale when she came out of the delivery room. She could have been saved had there been an anesthetist in the hospital. The doctor was reluctant to deal with the case. Instead of trying to avert the untoward happening, the doctor on duty referred the matter to General hospital Pasighat at the last moment. How come a General Hospital does not have an anesthetist?" says the aggrieved husband.
The husband also alleges that his late wife was attended by trainee nurses with only one senior nurse and that a male attendant was deputed by the hospital management to take care of his wife on the way to Pasighat general hospital.

Who is going to take the responsibility of such gross negligence because of irresponsible and insensitive doctors and hospital management, the aggrieved husband said.

Medical Superintendent (MS), General Hospital, Aalo, Dr Linya Lollen agrees that the situation could have been different had the hospital had an anesthetist while also informing that complications arose only during the second stage of labour.

"We could have performed C section on her if we had an anesthetic expert," he says.

He informed that the hospital has been without an anesthetic expert for quite long and that it had written to the concern authority for the same but there has been no action from the government's side.

"We have been demanding for an anesthetic expert for our hospital. We can do nothing if the higher authorities choose not to hear our pleas," the MS adds.

He however refutes the claim that the deceased was attended by trainee nurses and only one senior nurse.
"We never leave our patients in the hand of the trainee nurses," he says.

On the claim that one male attendant was deputed to look after the patient on the way to Pasighat, the medical superintendent clarified that the hospital does not have standby nurses to send during emergencies.

(Source: Arunachal Times)

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