Arunachal Pradesh: Backlash of Kalikho Pul’s suicide note

Arunachal Pradesh: Backlash of Kalikho Pul’s suicide note

Legal Guild of India's backlash investigation to Arunachal EX-CM's suicide note

The legal guild of India on Wednesday demanded a central probe agency to investigate allegations of four eminent law officials who were accused of taking bribes from Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul. This is a direct reaction to the accusations which were mentioned on a suicide note of the late Chief Minister of which is in current possession of this news website.

The Judiciary of India through top lawyers and a few retired judges admitted that it was time such investigations are needed for accountability and transparency on grounds of regular allegations of corruption. On reasons of legal ramifications, The Quint did not disclose the names of the four top law officials named in Pul's suicide note.

Today, Swaraj India National President and noted psephologist Yogendra Yadav gave hints to the covert manner in which the petition of lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan which seeks an investigation into the alleged payoffs to a high political functionary was not entertained by the Supreme Court. This could be a link between Pul's suicide and the Birla-Sahara diary judgement of January this year. Prashant Bhushan reacted in a tweet saying that the case had not been sent despite the Governor asking for it.

Ushering accountability and transparency of the Judiciary

Former Delhi High Court judge, Justice (retd) R S Sodhi vehemently said, "The independence of the judiciary has been compromised. Accountability of the judiciary and its transparency must be ushered in without delay and the suicide of the former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister must be probed by the CBI."

Speculation or Truth

Nalin Kohli, BJP spokesperson and Supreme Court advocate told this news website, "In any such sensational disclosure, the critical aspect relates to the evidentiary value of the allegations, without which they are merely accusations and speculations. Mere names in a diary or a paper or any other document cannot stand the scrutiny of law."

On adding further to his comment, he said that this has been repeatedly affirmed by various courts over several decades. It is in the absence of indisputable evidence which will withstand the scrutiny of law, exercising restraint is a must. This is especially true while dealing with people in high offices, public life or institutions.

Ex-Guv Rajkhowa Demands 'Independent Investigation'

Former Arunachal Pradesh Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa said, "It was a bold and factual report. (Kalikho) Pul tried to expose corruption at high places. A very thorough and independent investigation by a central agency, preferably the CBI, should be immediately instituted. And most definitely, the judiciary must be made accountable and more transparent than what it now is.

"If the judiciary has become what reports reveals, then what will happen to the common man? Who will the common man approach to seek justice?" Rajkhowa asked.

Source: The Quint

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