Arunachal police arrest 9 drug peddlers

Arunachal police arrest 9 drug peddlers

ARUNACHAL PRADESH: The Arunachal government is cracking down on drug related activities in the state and multiple drug peddlers were arrested in two separate incidences. Mohammed Giya Uddin from Dhubri along with Satya Roy from Basantpur, Assam were arrested along with Chamlong Matcha and Rand Ran Wangpan from Saching village and Chasa village respectively. They were apprehended by the Changlang police from Kengkhu village in a raid. The police seized liquid opium and ganja from the accused.

In another incident, one Amika Devi was arrested. She had 2.7 kgs of ganga and "pira" with her. Two other peddlers Siha Namchoom and Tarun Bhumich, both from Namsai District were also arrested. 100 grams of Black Opium (Dhela Khani) was found hidden inside the sound box of the car.

Diyun Police on June 18 had also arrested two other persons, Chow Ongkia Laphai and Taseng Munglang with suspected brown sugar in their possession. In total, nine peddlers were arrested and the police have to keep a constant eye to ensure that drug related activities are curbed.

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