All you should know about the murder of Sheena Bora

All you should know about the murder of Sheena Bora

Three years after the murder of Sheena Bora, a working woman originally from Guwahati and posted in the HR department of Reliance group in Mumbai, police has arrested Indrani Mukherjee, biological mother of the victim and wife of Media tycoon Peter Mukhejea. Notably, Indrani Mukherjea hails from Guwahati of Assam and was known as Pahi Bora, before she took her second husband's surname.

Sheena Bora's murder is creating sensation nationwide for at least two reasons: the resemblance of the case with that of Aarushi Murder case in 2008, and the way in which the alleged killers covered their tracks and escaped all suspicions for the last three years.

Here are six facts you need to know about Sheena Bora Murder case:

Biological daughter: Sheena Bora was the biological daughter of Indrani Mukherjea. Her father was Indrani Mukherjea's first husband Sanjiv Khanna. Sheena was born in 1989 in Shillong and her mother left both her children Sheena and Mikhail along with her husband when they were kids. In 2002, Indrani Mukherjea got married to Peter Mukherjea, then CEO of Star News and started living with him in Mumbai.

Love affair with Peter Mukherjea's son: Mikhail Bora, brother of Sheena Bora, has confirmed that Sheena had a love relationship with the youngest son of Peter Mukherjea from his first wife. Apparently, Peter Mukherjea and Indrani Mukherjea were not very happy about the relationship. Mikhail said, Peter had once asked Mikhail to request Sheena to come out of the relationship. Sources say, the love affair is the main reason for murdering Sheena.

Hiding kids: Indrani Mukherjea had been hiding her first kids from people. Indrani Mukherjea, who once met her children in Kolkata way back in 2008, after Mikhail's board examination, had asked them to hide the fact that they were her biological children. She said to Mikhail that as she was an established media tycoon, her fact of having a first husband and children from him would hamper her image. She requested Mikhail and Sheena to call her "sister". Mikhail agreed to do so as he feared that Indrani Mukherjea might stop providing financial assistance for their study if they protest their mother.

Sheena fought with mother often: Sheena who was a student of St Mary's School Guwahati, later left for Xavier's College in Mumbai for higher studies. She used to stay with her mother Indrani Mukherjea and her husband Peter Mukherjea. But they often had fights over the love relationship of Sheena with Peter's son. In 2011, she left Indrani's house and started living in a rented house.

Indrani Mukherjea used her driver to kill Sheena: Three days back, when the Mumbai Police Got a call from an unknown number tipping that that Indrani Mukherjea had killed her daughter Sheena with the help of her driver, police arrested the driver immediately. The driver confessed in front of the police that he killed Sheena at Indrani Mukherjea's behest and dumped the body inside the forest of Raigad. Notably, Mikhal Bora, brother of Sheena Bora, often tried to contact Sheena over the phone, emails, and Facebook but could not do so. He often used to call Indrani Mukherjea to ask about Sheena but she always said that Sheena was abroad and was doing job with a US based company.

Indrani Mukherjea to be in Police custody till 31st August: Mumbai police has arrested Indrani Mukherjea on Tuesday after three hours of grilling session and has been sent to police custody till 31st August. Indrani Mukherjea and her driver have been booked under sections 302 (murder), 363(kidnapping) and 201(destroying evidence) of the Indian Penal Code. Both of them were produced in the Bandra metropolitan Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.
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