ACHDO appeals for immediate repair of roads in Garo Hills

The Anti-corruption groups sought for immediate repairing of the dilapidated roads, as the repairing process was supposed to start in October.
ACHDO appeals for immediate repair of roads in Garo Hills
West Garo HillsCorrespondent


The Anti-Corruption and Human Development Organization (ACHDO) has sought an immediate start to road repairs between the town of Phulbari and Chibinang on the Agia-Medhipara-Phulbari-Tura (AMPT) road.

The repairing for the sanctioned road was supposed to begin in October.

However continued rains in the entire Garo Hills region has led to the delay in starting the road work, and mud filling is still occurring in some sections.

“The road is in a pathetic condition and needs immediate repair and rehabilitation work. We urge the Meghalaya government, not to delay the process any longer as a conveyance on this road is fraught with disaster,” said general secretary of ACHDO, Ashidur Sheikh.

Earlier the local MLA from Phulbari, SG Esmatur Momin had confirmed that the repair would begin once the rains stopped.

However, with the rains now dying down, the NGO believed it was prudent to begin work on an emergency mode given the damage the road was causing not only to locals but vehicles as well.

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