48-hour bandh called in Manipur’s ‘Naga dominated areas’

48-hour bandh called in Manipur’s ‘Naga dominated areas’

IMPHAL: A 48-hour bandh has been called by the United Naga Council (UNC) in Manipur's 'Naga dominated areas' from Monday midnight demanding an Alternative Arrangement (AA) outside the purview of the state government, pending the Naga peace talks, according to reports.

In February last year, the seventh round of tripartite talks involving the Centre, state government and UNC to discuss the AA demand was held in Senapati.

The council said on Thursday that it has become impossible for the Nagas to live with dignity and honour and protect their land, history and identity under the present political system in the state.

It said that during the 13 years of Congress rule in Manipur, many civilians, including innocent students, have been killed by police.

It said that the third Naga People's Convention held in July, 2010, in Senapati had declared the 2010 election to the Autonomous District Council (ADC) in the hills as "null and void".

However, the state government wants to re-impose the 'ADC Election of Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council 3rd Amendment Act, 2008′ to usurp and strangulate people's aspirations, the council said.

The council also accused the government of constructing dams and mega projects in the Naga areas without peoples' consent in violation of national and international laws.

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