3 persons arrested for stripping minor in Nagaland

3 persons arrested for stripping minor in Nagaland

Three persons were arrested in Dimapur for allegedly stripping a three year-old child and taking inappropriate pictures. While, the incident occurred on April 15, the three accused were arrested on April 21.

The incident was brought to light to the youth of Industrial Estate Colony on April 21. Thereafter, the three young men were rounded up and interrogated. The trio work at a business unit located in the colony.

According to reports in a local daily, the three men were seen by the mother of the child in the act. Incidentally, the mother also works in the same business unit. The child's mother informed that the three had undressed the child and had taken pictures of the child with their mobile phones. The alarmed mother then informed nearby residents who rounded up the three and reprimanded them.

In a bid to not let the incident go unnoticed, the youth of the colony took up the matter and rounded up the three for interrogation today, as was reported in local dailies. However, no police complaint was lodged as the youth stated that they would deal with the matter on their own.

On the action taken, it was informed that the proprietor of the business unit for which the three work was asked to relieve them of their jobs.

Reportedly, the trio have also been expelled from Industrial Estate Colony.

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