10 annoying questions faced by people of Northeast India

10 annoying questions faced by people of Northeast India

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BEING from the Northeast, most of you (in fact a majority of you) must have been at the receiving end of these questions on a day-to-day basis. It sure gets on your nerves but at the same time, you should pity those who have the faintest idea of what's happening around them.

From food habits to customs, people have some rather strange assumptions when it comes to the inhabitants of Northeast. A humble attempt has been made here to clear the air of doubt…hope it does!

Some famous questions and comments:

1. So, which instrument do you play?

Sadly we were born sucking thumbs and not playing licks on a guitar!

2. What's for breakfast? Momos?

Of course! That's my pre-workout! Can you give credit to Tibet as well?

3. When are you visiting your village?

Never! It has changed into a town and I don't recognise it anymore

4. Will you be wearing a wedding gown on the big day?

I guess, leaves seem to be out of fashion these days.

5. How do you commute? Hiking, boats?

There are tin cans that run on tracks and bigger tin cans that fly!

6. Wow! You can ACTUALLY speak Hindi?

Yes, Sarcasm and expletives is my second language.

7. You must be Chinese?

Of course, and you must be the alien in news. Pleased to meet you.

8. I love Northeast, Darjeeling is so beautiful.

You must have bunked all your Geography classes.

9. Northeast must be very 'thanda' all the time?

101% Alaska is the capital of Shillong. It sure is cold.

10. Do you guys even get Puja holidays or it's only Good Friday?

Sorry, I missed the news of Northeast being declared as 'Sovereign Christian States'

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