PM Modi addresses the nation: Key pointers

Here are the key pointers from the PM's address to the nation on Oct 20
PM Modi addresses the nation: Key pointers
Prime Minister Narendra ModiPTI


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Oct 20, here are the key pointers:

  • The government is making all efforts to ensure COVID-19 vaccine reaches people after its launch: PM Modi.

  • Moving around carelessly without following protocols will put children, elderly and everyone at risk: PM Modi.

  • Many people were seen in videos of having stopped taking precautions, 'this is not right': PM Modi.

  • Covid-19 has not ended and this is not the time to be careless: PM Modi.

  • It is festival time and a period of happiness; even small negligence can bring us grief: PM Modi.

  • PM asks media personnel, people on social media to campaign to spread public awareness for following COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Economic activities are also increasing rapidly over time: PM Modi

  • Scientists of our country are also working hard for vaccine. Several corona vaccines are currently in operation in India. Some of these are on advanced stage.

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