Barak Festival kicks off in Imphal, sets objective to conserve the river

Barak Festival kicks off in Imphal, sets objective to conserve the river
The three-day long Barak Festival 2015 was inaugurated on the 10th of December at the Senapati Mini Stadium in Imphal. The festival, celebrated as a tribute to the origin of the river, is being organised by the Naga Peoples' Organisation. The function was attended by Tenyimi People's Organisation President Timikha Koza as Chief Guest, ADC Senapati Chairman ML Markson, and ADC Senapati Vice Chairman T John Hingba as the presidium members.
The river is not only the biggest river in Manipur but also one of the main sources of income for all the communities living in Senapati District, namely the Zeliangrong, Paomei, Thangal, Maram, and Mao people.
Tenyimi Peoples' Organisation president Timikha Koza appealed to the people to make the festival meaningful by making their contribution in conserving the river which has only benefitted them. He expressed his concern over the fact that the river is in a drastic condition and that if it ever dries up, it will be of immense loss to the people. He emphasised that the river is a gift from Mother Nature to Senapati district, and appealed to the people of Liyai Circle from where the river originates to preserve the forest and allow the river to flow freely.
NPO president T Kamba Moses said that the festival is being organised to spread the message of oneness and to encourage peaceful co-existence and harmony of all. The five main tribes of the district under NPO have their own identities, culture, and tradition, and through this festival we have to promote our culture and tradition especially for the younger generation, he said. He further appealed to all units of the NPO to work for a successful and meaningful Barak Festival.
Traditional houses of the five tribes of Thangal, Zeliangrong, Maram, Mao, and Paomei were constructed at the festival venue.

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