Renaissance of the Khasi Community: Seng Kut Snem

Renaissance of the Khasi Community: Seng Kut Snem

Shillong | November 23,2019

The 23rd November is penned down in the history as "Ka SENG KUT SNEM" to commenmorate the Renaissance and awakening of the Khasi Community

Here are 5 facts you need to know about Seng Kut Snem

  1. 120 years ago, On Nov 23, 1899, 16 Young men formed the Seng Khasi, an organisation that stood up and led the community against the oppression of the British & later, the Association was renamed as Seng Khasi.
  2. This day marks the beginning of rhe movement for preserving & conserving the uniqueness of Khasi belief, tradition & culture.
  3. The three tenets & Principles of Khasi thoughts; "Tipbriew Tip Blei" , "Tip Kur Tip Kha" and "Kamai Ia Ka Hok".
  4. On this day, Shillong streets wear a festive look as people dance to the sounds of drums while chanting the traditional cry "Hoii Kiw"
  5. The festival is marked by Prayers invoking God's Blessings, speeches ,songs & also include cultural Programmes

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