6 cliches’ that Shillong people are fed up of

6 cliches’ that Shillong people are fed up of

Shillong is the rock capital of India 

Really ? So what if Rock on was shot in Shillong and actually features a local band in one of the tracks.Shillong has no venue dedicated to musicians and unlike in the past they have to depend on district administration permission or locality consent to even hold a show.

As for live music barring a few places the live Music scene is dead in Shillong ,but wait actually it was never there in the first place .

Everyone in Shillong plays the Guitar 

Yeah and just like every Chinese knows Kung Fu , yes there are many talented musicians in Shillong but to state that everyone plays guitar in the town is a stretch .Perhaps understanding and appreciating other qualities of the people of the state is much better than stereotyping this fact which is so untrue

Where can i buy my boots and Leatherjacket in Shillong ?

Yeah and every texan wears a boot like Chuck Norris .Sure in the 80's and 90's Leather Jackets were in fashion and everyone loved to put on a boot and leather jacket but with time things have changed and so are the tastes.To think that the people from Shillong are in a time warp is so uncool and unknowledgeable .

Where can i get Momo's in Shillong ?

Yeah well try Tibet first ! sure we all love our Momo's here and actually the chutney is awesome please also try out our local cuisine like Jadoh,Tungrymbai,Doh Khleh and Nei-iong because these are the indigenous food from Shillong and not Momo.

Why is the Shillong Golf course so Dirty ?

Yes it is dirty and we admit it .This is not a cliche but we hate being reminded about it .Its like asking people of Varanasi that their city is so dirty .We feel bad about it but guess what it takes four hands to clap unfortunately in Shillong 4 hands often don't sync at the same time (That is the Govt and NGO ,the Courts and the people of course )

Dude there was an Earthquake in Manipur are you Ok

Yeah we are fine thank you .We did feel the effects from it but for the record Imphal is not in Meghalaya and vice versa.And for those people who stay in Kohima,Itanagar,Agartala,Guwahati,Shillong and Aizawl why mark yourself safe in Facebook when you are not even staying in Manipur

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